Dolphins in the Posse Foundation

Seniors in the running for unique scholarship opportunity


Photo Credit: Joyce Melendez

Lucy Gonzalez, Livia Souza, Laura Souza, and Irene Stojanovic

by Joyce Melendez, Staff Writer

DDCUS has officially nominated Lucy Gonzalez, Livia Souza, Laura Souza, and Irene Stojanovic for a chance at the Posse Foundation Scholarship!

The Posse Foundation is a non- profit organization that chooses students from 20-plus cities for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a full ride to top schools. Posse includes different programmes to be nominated from, like art and STEM, to make sure no one gets excluded from a shot at winning. The Posse Foundation works to give many families access to the American dream with equal opportunity for all who are nominated. They have a unique evaluation method, also known as “The Dynamic Assessment Process,” to give students a chance to show off their leadership and smarts in a group setting with games and assignments.

The scholarship gives students the chance to choose a prestigious college from a list which includes Cornell University, Smith College, Vanderbilt University, among many others, and receive full-tuition scholarships, weekly faculty mentoring, and a close-knit group of students  as a support during the college journey. The students will go through workshops and classes to prepare for college together, ultimately creating a “posse” to rely on through their college experience. Students get to visit the college, get classes, and attend the university of choice, all paid for by the Posse Foundation. Students will not only be college ready, but will have a much appreciated support group going through the similar highs, lows, and learning curves of college. 

We are rooting for our amazing dolphins in the interview period!