Freedom In Brazil

Brazilians celebrate the 200th anniversary of independence


Photo from DDCUS Instagram

by Athena Freire, Staff Writer

On September 7, 1822, the Republic of Brazil became free from the claws of the United Kingdom of Portugal. 

This year celebrates the bicentennial of Brazil’s Independence Day. It is an important day for all Brazilians. To commemorate it, DDCUS hosts a celebration which includes the Portuguese Program, grades 6-12 and faculty. Deputy Council Christiano Berbert observed and celebrated the special event with the DDCUS community. He spoke about the importance of this event and the accomplishments of Brazil as a whole. 

Photo by DDCUS Instagram

Students made projects in their Portuguese Humanities class and showcased them on the day of the celebration. The unique projects included Brazil’s national symbols: national seal, flag, national anthem, and the coat of arms. This project enabled students to use their creativity to represent their Brazilian roots, which is important to DDCUS’ Portuguese-speaking community. In addition, PTO provided snacks and water for all grades.

Photo by DDCUS Instagram

Mr. Verri, a Portuguese Humanities teacher, says, “Celebrating is important because we have a bilingual program that teaches not only the language but the culture of the country.  Knowing Brazil’s important holidays is an amazing opportunity to push your language skills further, and it gives students amazing experiences regarding the way of life of native speakers.”

By celebrating Brazilian independence day, DDCUS Portuguese students learned about the history and importance of this impactful day in history. Through the creative projects Mr. Verri assigned, students were able to expand their curiosity and feel connected to the culture. 

Mr. Verri, Portuguese Humanities Teacher
Photo by Athena Freire

DDCUS will continue to commemorate this important historical event with many forms of artistic expression and education. Brazil’s liberation day changed the course of Brazilian history, so it is important to celebrate the positive impact it had on all Brazilian citizens. By celebrating Brazilian art and culture, students get an immersive experience and strengthen their connections to Brazilian culture.