The 2022 primary elections

by Vanessa Caraballo and Arian Gil, Staff Writers

By Vanessa Caraballo

It is complicated to understand American politics without an understanding of party primaries. Primary elections are how voters can indicate their preference for their party’s candidate in the upcoming elections.

“The primary is a really great opportunity for individuals to choose the nominee for their party rather than having the party choose the nominee for them…so it’s just another extension of democracy and another thing that makes America great,” says DDCUS History teacher, Mr. Rosenstein.

There are two main political parties that hold primaries, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The primary elections give voters a chance to choose representatives for the city and state.  Depending on the administrative divisions within the state, the general public participates in an open primary.

When asked about the importance of these elections, Mr. Rosenstein explained, “This is our opportunity to put our voice out there, to say who we want to represent us and, of course, change the course of the country in whatever way we believe it needs to be.”