E- Hall Pass

Ms. Ortiz explains how our new hall pass system works.

Arian Gil

el    The E-Hall pass is an electronic pass system that let’s all staff and faculty members so they can see exactly where the students are, at what time they request to go to x location, at what time they came back to their class, even the security guards have access to it, “We do it as a form of safety for the students and so the teachers have accountability to where the students are at all times” says Ms. Ortiz. 


   The main reason to have an E-Hall pass is for safety, paper passes have no log no tracking system and it doesn’t let us know where each student is at what specific time, the E-hall controls where every student is in the building, on what floor, room, bathroom…”It lets us control the amount of bodies around, which we think it’s very effective for the safety of our school community”. 


   “We are also able to control which students are out at the same time, so there are different parameters we can put into place” Ms. Ortiz emphasizes, she explains that we get very distracted when it comes to going to the bathroom especially when we go with our friends and waste a lot of valuable class time that we shouldn’t be missing.


   It overall helps our school community improve and develop a better hall pass system for our well-being and security.