Qatar Hosts World Cup

The Qatar World Cup in weeks away, this is what you have to know.

by Arian Gil, Staff Writer

World Cup

Soccer fans are preparing to flood Qatar, the tiny Gulf nation, later this month. 

The World Cup been delayed for months because of how hot Qatar is in the summer, but Qatar is also not the safest country for such a big event.  Qatar, the smallest country to ever host the World Cup, has poured more than $220 billion in preparation for the event, erecting miles of highways, a metro system, a new airport, stadiums and high-rises.

Why should football’s biggest tournament only be held in Europe, North America, South America and a handful of Asian countries? We never said it wouldn’t be without challenges, but is it fair that a region like the Middle East can never host a World Cup?

— John Zerefa, Qatar 2022 Strategic Communications Adviser

Despite the excitement, people are worried to travel to Qatar: LGBTQ+ community are considered criminals, basic human rights are lacking, and theft is rampant.

The World Cup, one of the biggest sporting spectacles in human history, will kick off on the 20th of this month. People from all around the world are flying just to witness the spectacle of this event. The favorites this year are Brazil, France, Spain, Croatia, and Argentina. People believe one of these five teams will win one of the most important football trophies to ever exist.