Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

Is Change Good?

by Mariana Alvarez, Staff writer

Elon Musk’ reign over Twitter started on October 27, 2022. He has closed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter and now has full control over the social media network. Within his first week at Twitter, Musk fired half of Twitter’s staff. According to The New York Times, about 7,500 employees were fired without notice. Big corporate investors and advertisers have also allegedly paused all further investments on the company. Elon Musk is now $13 billion dollars in debt as a result of the Twitter purchase.

Musk has said his plan for Twitter is to “open digital town square of ideas, without intervention” and that “he will allow anyone to say anything they want on the platform, as long as it’s legal.” Musk stated he will ban users who impersonate others.

However, Twitter users are not impressed. They state he is “taking all the fun out of Twitter.” Twitter’s stock has now plunged more than 11 percent – one of its lowest points since 2020.

Musk has also decided to add an additional feature called Twitter blue, a new subscription service so anyone can buy a blue check mark for $8 a month. This new feature makes sure that verified accounts have priority over regular accounts. Regular non-blue tweets will only be seen if searched for.

At the moment, Twitter users, advertisers, and investors are dubious of the company’s future, but most industry insiders are waiting for Musk to make his next move.