DDCUS Sapphires at Nationals


DDCUS Sapphires

by Camila Perez, Staff Writer

This year, DDCUS Sapphires hit a new milestone with their 4th and 5th place trophies in nationals. This is their first year competing in nationals against competitive schools and studio dancers. 

How would you describe your experience at Nationals?

For me, there was a lot of uncertainty in it, considering this was my first time doing it. The logistics of everything was a little overwhelming, along with not knowing what we were going to confront on the floor. I was trying to be as alert as possible so I wouldn’t miss out on anything.

Do you think you’ll be going back to nationals next year? 

At first, I thought it was extra work, and there was a lot going on, but when it came to being there and seeing the bonding experience my girls got from this, I knew this was going to be something I wanted to do again every year. 

What is the team planning to do to make it to next year’s nationals?

Definitely planning on fundraising, inside and outside of school. I plan to add choreographers to come in and help to have everything prepared by the beginning of next year.

Ms. Novela, dance team instructor.

How did The Sapphires prepare for nationals?

We did a lot of performance cleaning, and it was very tough, plus a lot of repetition to make sure everything was in order. It was very challenging, not to mention, we had a lot of activities going on in school, with all the shows, and the senior nights. 

What advice did you give your dancers before going to competition?

The moment before they go on stage, I give them a pep talk. I always tell them the dance is only two minutes and a half of your life, and to make those two minutes count and to give it their all and enjoy it. 

Congratulations to the Sapphires on their new achievement!