Make Way Freshman, the Seniors Are Here!

DDCUS’ first graduating class start their last, first week

Senior Sunrise:

On Sunday, August 14th, DDCU’s senior class met up at South Pointe beach at 6:00 a.m. to kick off the start of their senior year. Students were motivated to break their summer schedule and wake up bright and early to pink skies and sandy shores signifying a new chapter in their lives. The seniors filled the usually quiet beach with the sound of their favorite songs, games, and laughter as everyone reunited with best friends and acquaintances on that very hot summer morning. 

Seniors enjoy each other’s company under the morning sun. (Martina Cita )

Senior Caravan:

The morning of the first day of school was quite the celebration, as students of Downtown Doral Charter Upper School woke up the community of Downtown Doral with a Senior Caravan. Dedicated to starting the year off right, seniors met nearby the school at 6:15am to assemble car lines and school spirit. Seniors decorated their cars with paint and balloons and their speakers blasted music, all while hanging out of their cars. It was a special tradition for the school as they saw their first class show their school pride and create an unforgettable memory.

Seniors Camila Almandoz, Sofia Dettore and Barbara Zalzman cheerfully celebrate the start of their senior year as they ride in style.
(seniordump.23 Instagram)


Senior Accessories (crowns, backpacks):

Seniors kicked off the year with their homemade senior crowns and a childhood throw back book bag. Students got together during the summer to get creative and personalize their cardboard crowns to show off on the first day. Their crowns had everything from their favorite colors to their favorite album covers. Dinosaurs, puppies, and princesses, oh my! The seniors went all out, ending their school chapter the way they started it. It’s safe to say the first day of school was filled with personality and plenty of glitter. 

Seniors travel back in time with nostalgic, childhood favorite backpacks. (Becky Gonzalez )