Hispanic Heritage Month: DDCUS Style

DDCUS helps celebrate the Hispanic community their way


by Athena Freire, Staff Writer

As a school with a large Hispanic population, Downtown Doral Charter Upper School takes pride in Hispanic Heritage Month. Ms. Moreno, the Foreign Language Department Head, discussed the activities her department organized to celebrate Hispanic heritage. 

What is DDCUS doing to celebrate this month? 

“Our department will plan different activities for the students to complete. We have projects, we have a living museum, we have posters, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, on Saturday we held a festival that includes food from different countries and everybody is invited to participate. This is a way that the school helps spread acceptance and share different cultures among the community.”

What impact do you hope these events will have on faculty and students?  

“Hopefully, everybody was able to celebrate the legacy that our ancestors gave us. It is important for us. Furthermore, this school is a bilingual school, so the Spanish language plays an important role here. It is important to celebrate it due to the diversity of our students and staff.”