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Louisville Shooting: When Will It Stop?

by Athena Freire, Student Writer April 17, 2023

Unfortunately, another shooting has occurred this year, increasing the number of shootings in the country to 147. According to the New York Times, 647 mass shootings happened in 2022, and as of this time...

Holding Politicians Accountable

Holding Politicians Accountable

by Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Numerous headlines and allegations of lying against Republican politician, George Santos, are trending all over the internet. Among the mistruths, Santos claimed he is of Jewish descent, graduated from...

Childhood friend Austin Roberts said, I want him to be remembered as the kid smiling in the skate video and not the kid that was fighting for his life.

Remembering Tyre Nichols

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

The death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police sparked a wave of protests throughout the country. Nichols, father to a 4-year-old son from Sacramento, California, was stopped by police on January...

19 dead in California within 44 hours

Gun Violence in the United States

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

In the first three weeks of 2023, there were 40 shootings in the United States. On January 6th, a six-year-old boy took a gun to school and shot his teacher in Virginia. On Saturday, January 21st, 10...

Did Schiaparelli’s Animal Dresses Go Too Far?

Did Schiaparelli’s Animal Dresses Go Too Far?

by Arian Gil, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

Schiaparelli's Spring 2023 animal dresses struck a raw nerve in the world of haute couture fashion. The dresses feature life-like animal heads, such as lions and panthers, attached to dresses. Celebrities...

SOS album cover by SZA.

SOS: SZA released the best album of the year

by Lucy Gonzalez January 6, 2023
R&B singer-songwriter SZA released her album anticipated from since 2017.
The cover includes a picture of Smith taken by the esteemed photographer, Steven Sebring

A Peek Into Patti Smith’s Life: A Book of Days

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer December 8, 2022

“Poet punk laureate” Patti Smith, released her newest book, A Book of Days, on November 15th. The new book includes over 365 photos taken by the author herself, with small captions attached to each...

Photo by: Vanessa Caraballo

Presentations: Bop or Flop?

by Athena Freire, Student Writer December 8, 2022

Recently, students at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School were put through a presentation on drugs by the City of Doral Police. This occurs every year, and instead of being an effective method of stopping...

Ed Clark for Life Magazine


by Sofia Alamo, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Known across the world for her beauty, Marilyn Monroe is one of history's most iconic women. Unfortunately, her life story continues to be misrepresented by Hollywood. The movie industry has embellished...

The newest portrayal of the crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer receives intense backlash

Ryan Murphy’s Monster

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer October 24, 2022

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, is the newest portrayal of Milwaukee’s notorious serial killer. The series broke Netflix’s worldwide record in its debut, with nearly 197 million views. New audiences...

Uniform Policy Op-Ed

Uniform Policy Op-Ed

by Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer September 16, 2022

At Downtown Doral Charter Upper School, uniform is a must: pants with the school logo on the upper left side of the pocket, blue and navy belt, penny loafers and Monday vest.   Wearing a uniform improves...

Emory Andrew Tate runs a marketing program called Hustlers University to teach men to make money online.

Andrew Tate: Social Media’s Latest Obsession

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer August 27, 2022

In 2016, ex-kickboxer, Andrew Tate, gained traction after being removed from the show, Big Brother. This action was taken after a video surfaced in which Tate appeared to hit a woman. Both, the woman and...

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