Louisville Shooting: When Will It Stop?

The Louisville Shooting is one of the 15 mass shootings this year, which is the highest number in the first 100 days of a calendar year since 2009.

Photo from Courrier-Journal via Google Images

Photo from Courrier-Journal via Google Images

by Athena Freire, Student Writer

Unfortunately, another shooting has occurred this year, increasing the number of shootings in the country to 147. According to the New York Times, 647 mass shootings happened in 2022, and as of this time last year, 126 have already happened. If the trends are to be believed, 2023 may result in hight mass shooting numbers than any previous year.

An Old National Bank employee in Louisville, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, opened fire Monday morning. He killed five people and injured nine others, including two police officers from the Louisville Police Department. The shooter live-streamed the entire incident on the social media platform, Instagram. The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, named Meta, released a statement explaining it “quickly removed the live stream of this tragic incident this morning.”

Shocking content keeps getting past social media guidelines, which has incited many to question the media’s regulations.

Photo from Reid Cornell via AP

Hundreds of people came to a vigil to mourn the five victims of the attack: Josh Barrick, 40; Tommy Elliott, 63; Jim Tutt, 64; Juliana Farmer, 57; and Deanna Eckert, 57. On Wednesday, the 911 calls from terrified bank employees were made public. The calls released exhibit the terror in the employees. One conversation was a lady explaining how she was hiding from the shooter in a closet. Gunshots could be heard in the background.

According to the shooter’s father, Sturgeon will be tested for CTE, which is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Essentially, CTE is a brain disease caused by repeated head trauma. Though he did not exhibit any premeditated behaviors, his family stated he did have previous challenges with his mental health. 

Many argue this should be a wake-up call to do something about gun violence and school shootings. The question is: when will these stop?