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Ms. Novela is a flamenco dancer in addition to coaching the DDCUS Sapphires and teaching all the dance classes!

Ms. Novela – Art Collective

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

At the 2023 Art Collective, big changes are being made, and this doesn’t stop with Ms. Novela’s high school dance classes, who will perform their rendition of Disney’s classic, High School Musical....

Behind the Scenes at the 2023 Art Collective Send-Off

Behind the Scenes at the 2023 Art Collective Send-Off

by Athena Freire, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

The long-awaited DDCUS Art Collective is finally on its way. Organized by Ms. Rivera, Ms. Manavello, and the Arts Department, the event will take place on March 10th. 1. How has the process of organizing...

On the Record with Doral Vice Mayor, Rafael Pineyro

On the Record with Doral Vice Mayor, Rafael Pineyro

by Lucy Gonzalez and by Joyce Melendez March 8, 2023

  As a teenager, finding out what to do in life can be a challenge. Fortunately, the newly elected Vice Mayor of Doral, Rafael Pineyro, never questioned his life's calling: public service. After...

Senior Halfway-Half Day

Joyce Melendez February 7, 2023

"Halfway-Half Day" - hosted by the Class of 2023 - featured great snacks and games like Twister, ping-pong, and Mario Kart, for seniors. Student, Daniela Ortiz, said, "It was a good time for seniors...

Photo from DDCUS website

Students-Tutor-Students Spotlight

by Athena Freire, Student Writer February 6, 2023

What better way to test a student’s knowledge than by teaching it to their peers? DDCUS students have formed Students Tutor Students, sponsored by Ms. Antelo. This a club/zone that offers free tutoring...

2023 Senior Breakfast

2023 Senior Breakfast

by Joyce Melendez and Lucy Gonzalez , Staff Writers January 17, 2023

Surrounded by clear blue waters and a view of the city, high school seniors spent the day at The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne to celebrate DDCUS' first Senior Breakfast. Everyone was dressed beautifully...

DDCUS Soccer Senior Night

by Lucy Gonzalez , Staff Writer January 17, 2023

Goaallll! On January 12, the DDCUS Senior class was celebrated at the first soccer Senior Night held in Tropical Park. Senior from the first graduating class ended their year playing the sport they...

Lucy Gonzalez

Lucy Gonzalez: Posse Foundation Scholarship Recipient

by Joyce Melendez January 6, 2023

DDCUS senior, Lucy Gonzalez, is off to Syracuse University in New York on a full ride scholarship awarded by the prestigious Posse Foundation. The Posse Foundation awards fully paid tuitions to select...

Photo by Sofia Alamo

Holocaust Survivor Visits DDCUS

Sofia Alamo, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

DDCUS students had the incredible honor of talking to Holocaust survivor, Jack Waksal. In 1944, when Mr. Waksal was a teenager, he saw his parents and sisters killed at Pionki, a concentration camp in...

Mr. Fabelo on DDCUS news

Mr. Fabelo on DDCUS news

by Arian Gil, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

Mr. Fabelo is not only a DDCUS P.E. coach, but he is also the director of the DDCUS news broadcast. Mr. Fabelo likes to enjoy his free time editing videos, attending rock concerts, and going to Miami Heat...

Ms. Macias in DDCUS

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Macias

by Vanessa Caraballo, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

Ms. Macias joined the ELA department at DDCUS this year. Born and raised in Miami, Ms. Macias graduated from the University of Miami in 2020, majoring in English Literature with a double minor in Education...

Mr. Stone takes pictures with his students for Extra Credit.

DDCS Hispanic Heritage Festival

by Lucy Gonzalez , Staff Writer November 1, 2022

DDCS hosted the Hispanic Heritage Festival at the Upper School in October. This festival was not limited to the two schools, but to all who wanted to join in on the festivities, such as local residents...

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