SOS: SZA released the best album of the year

Newest release tops the charts for SZA


Essence Magazine

SOS album cover by SZA.

by Lucy Gonzalez

To the delight of her fans, renowned R&B singer-songwriter, Solana Imana Rowe, also known as SZA, officially released her newest album, SOS. 

Since 2017, fans have anticipated the release of new music from the artist. Fortunately, after her occasional collabs and singles, SZA has released a 23-song tracklist that has loads of surprises. 

The exciting album takes listeners through a rollercoaster of emotions while showcasing SZA’s versatility. SZA captures loneliness and heartbreak in songs like Kill Bill, I Hate You, Ghost in the Machine, and Special. She also talks about past relationships and the struggles of seeing the real truth in a relationship and moving on, in songs like Blind, Far, and Love Language. Songs like Low and Too Late, although talking about navigating difficult relationships, have groovy beats that make listeners want to get up and dance. SZA connects her fans to her personal stories in a way that is relatable and catchy, which makes her album a constant repeat.

‘SOS’ album tracklist (Genius Music)

SZA also worked with other artists in this new album. Indie-alternative music singer, Phoebe Bridgers, captivated listeners the R&B song, Ghost in the Machine. Renowned rapper Travis Scott is featured in Open Arms. Other artists, such as Don Toliver, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the late Wu-Tang artist, and Lizzo are also featured in the album.

A deluxe version of the album is set to drop very soon, and rumor has it there might be collaborations from artists like The Weeknd and Drake, but nothing has been confirmed yet.