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A Simplified View of the Ecuadorian Presidential Elections

A Simplified View of the Ecuadorian Presidential Elections

Athena Freire, Student Writer October 13, 2023

Ecuador is gearing up for a runoff in its presidential election. The key contenders are Daniel Noboa, a businessman from the center-right, and Luisa González, a left-leaning candidate with strong political...

Popular Vote vs. Electoral College

Popular Vote vs. Electoral College

Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer October 11, 2023

Pew Research Center conducted a survey which asked Americans to complete the following question, “Thinking about the way the president is elected in this country, would you prefer to… A) Change the...

Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy announced his decision on Tuesday, September 12th

Impeachment Inquiry Opened Regarding President Joe Biden

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer September 24, 2023

Amidst an ever-worsening political climate in the United States, only months away from the 2024 election, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced he would be opening an impeachment inquiry into Pres. Joe...

The Tennessee Three as they leave the building following Justin Jones and Justin Pearsons expulsion

Tennesee Rep. Justin Jones Reinstated in House of Representatives

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer April 17, 2023

On April 6, Tennessee Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson became the first House members in state history to be ejected from office for a behavior violation. A week prior, over a thousand...

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Mic Drop: SVB Bank Collapses

by Athena Freire, Student Writer April 5, 2023

Last week, the worst economic crisis hit Silicon Valley since the infamous 2008 recession. The technology and innovation sectors have been served by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a reputable bank, for more...

On the Record with Doral Vice Mayor, Rafael Pineyro

On the Record with Doral Vice Mayor, Rafael Pineyro

by Lucy Gonzalez and by Joyce Melendez March 8, 2023

  As a teenager, finding out what to do in life can be a challenge. Fortunately, the newly elected Vice Mayor of Doral, Rafael Pineyro, never questioned his life's calling: public service. After...

Holding Politicians Accountable

Holding Politicians Accountable

by Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Numerous headlines and allegations of lying against Republican politician, George Santos, are trending all over the internet. Among the mistruths, Santos claimed he is of Jewish descent, graduated from...

Childhood friend Austin Roberts said, I want him to be remembered as the kid smiling in the skate video and not the kid that was fighting for his life.

Remembering Tyre Nichols

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

The death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police sparked a wave of protests throughout the country. Nichols, father to a 4-year-old son from Sacramento, California, was stopped by police on January...

19 dead in California within 44 hours

Gun Violence in the United States

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer January 30, 2023

In the first three weeks of 2023, there were 40 shootings in the United States. On January 6th, a six-year-old boy took a gun to school and shot his teacher in Virginia. On Saturday, January 21st, 10...

Brazil’s Violent Congress Attack

Brazil’s Violent Congress Attack

by Athena Freire, Student Writer January 16, 2023

A week after Lula da Silva’s close win against former Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, protesters in Brasilia completely trashed the congressional building. Acting in support of Bolsonaro, these...

Brittney after arriving in the U.S. after her detainment in Russia

Brittney Griner released in prisoner exchange with Russia

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer January 6, 2023

On February 17th, Brittney Griner, a WNBA and Olympic champion, flew to Russia to complete an overseas season. There, she was arrested by Russian officials at Sheremetyevo Airport on drug possession charges....

Dead bodies were lined up against the streets of the city after deadly stampede.

Halloween Tragedy in South Korea

by Lucy Gonzalez , Staff Writer November 10, 2022

A Halloween festivity in the city of Itaewon, South Korea, resulted in a massive crowd surge that left many people severely injured and dead.  About 100,000 people populated the narrow streets of the...

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