Puerto Rico’s Despair

An inside look at the continuing effects of Hurricane Fiona


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Aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

by Camila Perez, Staff Writer

Hurricane Fiona was especially harsh to Puerto Rico. The small island has not recovered from 2017’s Hurricane Maria which destroyed its infrastructure and power grid. 

The south of Puerto Rico received 12 to 20 inches of rain, and other areas received almost three feet of rain during the storm. 

Tree about to fall down, the block road, and break power cables (noticiasmolusco on Instagram)

A temporary metal bridge built after Hurricane Maria, located over the Guaonica River in Utuado, was flooded and swept away by Hurricane Fiona. This bridge was built in 2018 to connect communities located around the river until a permanent one could be built.

Satellite image of the flooded bridge after Hurricane Fiona (Maxar Technologies washingtonpost.com)

Pres. Biden approved an expedited major disaster declaration to send resources to Puerto Rico as soon as possible, and on September 22nd Biden authorized 100% federal funding for debris removal, search and rescue, power and water restoration, along with shelter and food for a month. This declaration authorizes FEMA to provide assistance to survivors in 55 municipalities and public assistance to all of Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities.

There are many organizations supporting Puerto Rico that are open for donations like lafonditadejesus on Instagram, techospamigente.pr on Instagram, rehace_impr on Instagram, and more.