Expulsion Policies Split Venezuelan Families

U.S. federal agents sent Venezuelan protesters back to Mexico


Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

Venezuelan migrants returning to Mexico after protest

by Vanessa Caraballo, Staff Writer

U.S. federal agents shot pepper balls at Venezuelan migrants protesting near downtown El Paso, Texas, after an agent was allegedly injured. 

El Paso Times reported a 15-second video clip of the incident in what appeared to be Border Patrol using projectiles to push the crowd of migrants back into Mexico. The actions near El Paso caused great tension at the US-Mexico border.

Venezuela’s poor economic and living conditions have driven an increased number of Venezuelans across the border. Today, more than 7 million Venezuelans live as refugees or migrants outside their country. The same policy that allows the border patrol to expel Venezuelans to Mexico, has trapped and separated many families all throughout the U.S. despite having already lived in the U.S.