Presentations: Bop or Flop?

For many years students have been given presentations on serious issues. Is this even effective?


Photo by: Vanessa Caraballo

by Athena Freire, Student Writer

Recently, students at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School were put through a presentation on drugs by the City of Doral Police. This occurs every year, and instead of being an effective method of stopping issues like substance abuse and bullying, they have turned into a broken record. These presentations offer very similar information every year which leads students to block out any information given. 

The presentations are well-made and shown by the City of Doral Police. The police is a credible source to present issues that express life-threatening or legal danger situations. However, most students question their authority and do not really trust the information given by police officers. While they are credible sources, very little impact is left on students. Simply stating facts and statistics do not resonate with students. What is the point of wasting one’s time with ineffective presentations? On top of this, taking away crucial class time to repeat information that can be found by a quick google search is not proactive for the student or the police officer. It is merely a waste of time. 

There are better ways to show students the effects of serious issues. For instance, a drug presentation does not motivate any drug user to stop doing harmful substances. A more effective method is to bring someone who has suffered drug addiction.  Although these PowerPoint presentations may seem effective, they don’t have significant impact in the long run.