Mauna Loa Awakens

The world’s largest active volcano erupted after 38 years of inactivity.


BBC News

Mauna Loa erupts across Hawaii island.

by Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The sky above the eight islands of Hawaii lit up in hues of red and orange as smoke dispersed. After 38 years of inactivity, the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa, erupted in Hawaii. 

Mauna Loa, also known as “long mountain” in Hawaiian, is the largest volcano in the world. The volcano has an elevation of 13,679’ above sea level and extends to about 3,100 feet below the level of the Earth (West Hawaii Today, 2022). Its rock is about 700,000 to 1 million years old in age and its eruption activity first began in the 1790’s.

The latest eruption came from fissure 3 of the mountainous rock, where loads of lava have spewed to its outer surface. Thankfully, the lava has exited the fissure through the northeast side of the volcano. This area of the island near the volcano isn’t populated and people are safe. Those who are near other parts of the volcano have evacuated or are taking precautions to stay safe.

To stay up to date on the progression of Mauna Loa and it’s fissure eruption, follow the USGS webcam link: