Volatile Market

World markets reflect world instability

Emma Larios, Staff Writer

The stock market’s recent wobbles are in no doubt a reaction to the war in Ukraine.  Experts predict that if Russia seizes Ukraine, oil prices will surpass $100 per barrel. The highest price for crude oil barrel has been $90 in the U.S., and it just broke into that price. This will send the equity lower and the commodity prices higher than ever.

The PFTS Stock Exchange is one of the leading stock markets in Ukraine. This market is estimated to capitalize around $140 billion, and the New York Exchange is capitalize to be about $25 trillion. Many investors will stop investing due to this conflict with Russia, the UK has already lost $60 billion in value of their blue-chip share index. The U.S. is also seeing some crazy swings, the S&P 500 index has gone over 3% at a point, which is more than 10% below its record high.

As of today, Bitcoin has regained momentum as Russians switch to crypto currencies. With a sinking ruble, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained major traction.

Under the current market conditions, I’m not surprised to see investors, at least those in Russia, seeking stablecoins …This is about saving their funds, not investing.

— Bendik Schei