DDCUS Club Fair

Ms. Padilla talks about the club fair.

by Arian Gil, Staff Writer

Today, the annual Club Fair will be held in DDCUS’ dining hall, from 2:40 pm – 4 pm.

This is a student-led only event. Students who are interested in school clubs are able to walk around and observe the different clubs the school offers. The school offers clubs which have GPA requirements, but here are also interest based clubs which do not generally have requirements.

The purpose is for our school community to expand their knowledge and learn about new topics and interests.

— Ms. Padilla

The club fair is a really useful way to expand your extracurricular interests.

“Every student should join at least two clubs per school year. It really helps when one applies to universities,” said Ms. Padilla.

There will be 30 different clubs presenting at the fair. There will also be a representative from Miami Dade College who will talk about dual enrollment. “Dual Enrollment is not a club, but it’s an enrichment that many of our students can participate in.”