Behind the Scenes of Enchantment of the Seas

Class of 2023 Prom


by Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Class of 2023 seniors celebrated their prom with an unforgettable party. The prom was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami, and as soon as students walked into the venue, they were immersed into an underwater world.

Behind the magic of this incredible night were many different people, such as DDCUS administration, teachers, and PTO parents. Below are interviews with Ms. Wildenburg and Ms. Manavello, who were the key organizers of the event.

How was the process for developing a huge event like Prom?

“The process was quite intense. We actually started planning for the event last summer, but picking the venue, that was done by administration. After that, we came up with a theme and a vision for what we wanted the venue to look like, and from there, the PTO parents helped us bring it to life. We sat and planned and had to budget the money, that was the most difficult part: the fundraising.”

What was your favorite part about prom?

“I loved the “Hora Loca.” When they came out, even I danced. We all had such a good, good time.”

Why was it important to make this event a night to remember?

“We wanted to make this the best prom ever, for the first graduating class, to go all out. We wanted to give the seniors something super special to always remember.”