Senior Corner: Senior vs. Staff Basketball Game

The Class of 2023 went head-to-head with DDCUS Staff for the ultimate basketball showdown

by Lucy Gonzalez

As the school year continues, so do many exciting events for the Class of 2023 at DDCUS.

On April 6th, the entire Senior class made their way to the fourth floor basketball court in anticipation to the long-awaited Seniors vs. Staff game.

Luckily, the rain did not stop our two teams as they took the court for the ultimate showdown.  On the students team, the Class of 2023 was well represented by members of the boy’s high school basketball team who had been training for this event. On the staff side, beloved school faculty – Mr. Stone, Mr. Posey, Mr. Araujo, and more – left their all on that court.

Even though the Seniors put on a good fight, the victors of the game were the Staff, who surprised everyone with their speed, agility, and unexpected three throw shots- including Ms. Cerruti’s.

The event was a major success!

Seniors gathered to cheer for their peers and beloved teachers, school faculty was in attendance supporting their colleagues, and yet another DDCUS tradition was started.