Bad Bunny: Activist and Reggaetonero

28-year-old Latin rapper brings awareness to Puerto Rico


Photo by: Yahoo

by Athena Freire, Student Writer

This summer belongs to Bad Bunny.

His recent release, “Un Verano Sin Ti,” was at the top of Spotify’s most streamed albums. Bad Bunny has parlayed his popularity to publicly address different issues happening in Puerto Rico. In addition to social and economic crises happening right now in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona has nearly decimated the southern cities of the island. Most residents are without water and power, and they need help. 

Photo by: NBC News

Bad Bunny released “El Apagón,” a music video, as a social commentary on problems plaguing the island; it features a one-minute segment of the song and a 20-minute documentary, titled “Aquí Vive Gente (People Live Here).” The documentary focuses on the economic injustices that impact Puerto Ricans. “El Apagón” directly translates to the blackout, which leads to the concept of the video.

The video takes place in La Perla, a neighborhood in San Juan. At the end of the music video, there is a rave going on with LGBTQ+ dancers, which is another issue he is very open about. 

The music video documentary focuses on the effects of gentrification and displacement of locals that wealthy foreigners are causing. The journalist leading the video, Bianca Graulau, is known in Puerto Rico for spreading awareness of failed government policies. 

Photo by: BE Latina TV

To date, “El Apagon” has garneared close ton 600k viewers.