Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Perez

A New Teacher at DDCUS

DDCUS History Teacher


DDCUS History Teacher

by Athena Freire, Staff Writer

With the start of a new school year, there were many additions to DDCUS’ faculty. A new member of the DDCUS staff is Mr. Perez. He is in the Social Studies Department. As a first-generation immigrant, Mr. Perez’s accomplishments are very impressive.  Born in Cuba and raised in Hialeah, Mr. Perez attended the University of Florida and earned a double degree in History and Political Science. 

Tell me about yourself and your hobbies? 

“I did my Peace Corps Service in Ukraine. I was there for three school years. Then, I worked for one year in New York at the Diplomatic Mission of the Holy Sea to the United Nations. Then, I came back to teaching. My hobby is reading.” 

What do you like about history?

“History gives me peace of mind in the sense that I like to guide the future using the past.”

What made you want to teach history? 

“I’ve always been passionate about teaching history since I was young. History has always been my favorite subject. I find it entertaining.” 

How has your experience as a new teacher been in DDCUS? 

“I love the school. I like the fact the students are very enthusiastic about learning. I cannot be happier with my AP classes because the students are hardworking and dedicated, and they show interest in the subject.”

Is there anyone in history or someone recent that you look up to? 

“In recent century, I would say, Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of England during the Second World War. He always had a sense of destiny and a mission, and I like that. I like historical characters that have a sense of mission, and that they have a duty to the present.”  

How have you managed to learn so much history? Do you have any tips? 

“I’ve managed to learn history by reading a lot. I try to read as many books as I can. When I was in Ukraine, in my three years there, I read around 75 books. I like to read. I am always reading, and I like to go to sleep watching historical documentaries.”