Mr. Fabelo on DDCUS news

Mr. Fabelo gives us a rundown of the news broadcast.

Mr. Fabelo on DDCUS news

by Arian Gil, Staff Writer

Mr. Fabelo is not only a DDCUS P.E. coach, but he is also the director of the DDCUS news broadcast. Mr. Fabelo likes to enjoy his free time editing videos, attending rock concerts, and going to Miami Heat basketball games. Mr. Fabelo also adds that he has bachelor’s degree in TV production from FIU.

How does your degree helped you with DDCUS news?

“I’ve been a professional at video editing, which is an upcoming unit I will be teaching my DDCUS news team. It has really helped me make the best out of our news broadcast and it helps my students acquire information that is crucial to know for news broadcasting and editing.”

What are the plans for DDCUS news?

“I will continue to improve our schools’ morning announcements, make all my students into competent video producers, and years down the line, I would like to be a college professor for TV production. It has always been my passion and I would really like to keep doing it for a while. We are definitely moving forward with new ideas for TV production and we are experimenting with a few things. We really hope our audience enjoys it as much as we do creating the content.”

What is the process of creating the news?

“First, we film upcoming events in school. I send my students to film, as well as the news reports, in our school’s film studio. I take those clips and I edit them at home, and produce a professional looking news broadcast. My goal is to get my students to do that by building up their editing skills, so in the future, I have more people helping me with that aspect.”

What is your experience with news production?

“I learned the ropes, how TV shows are made and how to work professionally in a studio setting. I really enjoyed my experience and it motivated me to pursue TV production.”

Students interested in featuring a video clip in the DDCUS news can email [email protected] for further information