2023 Senior Breakfast

Seniors have fun at Senior Breakfast!


by Joyce Melendez and Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writers

Surrounded by clear blue waters and a view of the city, high school seniors spent the day at The Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne to celebrate DDCUS’ first Senior Breakfast.

Everyone was dressed beautifully and not only ate food, but danced and got awarded their superlatives. Seniors voted for students in categories like Most Likely to Succeed and Beauty & Brains, and each winner was given a crown. From teasing and jokes to heartfelt moments, teachers and students bonded over their shared memories at DDCUS. After the cha cha slide, some bacon, and many pictures, students closed off their Friday and headed back to school.

DDCUS would like to thank Ms. Rivera, Ms. Manavello, Ms. Wildenburg, and Ms. Padilla for making these memories possible for us – We love you!