Students-Tutor-Students Spotlight

One of DDCUS’s new clubs is meant for students to help their fellow classmates.

Photo from DDCUS website

Photo from DDCUS website

by Athena Freire, Student Writer

What better way to test a student’s knowledge than by teaching it to their peers? DDCUS students have formed Students Tutor Students, sponsored by Ms. Antelo. This a club/zone that offers free tutoring services for subjects offered at school. These subjects include AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, AP World History, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Reading Comprehension, History (U.S. and World), Spanish, and Portuguese Language. Any student is welcome to help tutor or be tutored at no cost. 

The club’s president, Elizabeth Palacios, clarified the club’s objectives: 

1. What is the ultimate goal of the club? 

“The ultimate goal for students is to help out every student who needs tutoring and doesn’t want to pay a crazy amount for it. We just want to get back to the community and help out. We hope to get a good grade on our IB project and maybe even be considered for the silver knight.” 

2. How has the tutoring experience been?

“I think from where we started and where we are now, we have improved a crazy amount. This is due to the amazing board we have, and the support we have from Mrs. Antelo. I do think there’s more we can improve. Luckily, we’ve had a steady amount of kids to tutor.”

3. Are there any new things being planned for the future?

For the future, we just hope to be able to reach more people, and we will be doing these things with the athletes’ program which should be starting up in late February or early March. And there’s even some talk about summer school programs. We have an amazing group of tutors and people who just work well as a collective, so I know our club is going to do great things. New solutions and new ideas are constantly being reviewed; I hope as president, I can make them a reality.’ 

If any student is interested in the club, check out Ms. Antelo’s room on the third floor after-school or during zone time.