Ms. Novela – Art Collective

Ms. Novela’s gearing up for the 2023 Art Collective!


Atlanta Flamenco Festival

Ms. Novela is a flamenco dancer in addition to coaching the DDCUS Sapphires and teaching all the dance classes!

by Isabel Andjell, Staff Writer

At the 2023 Art Collective, big changes are being made, and this doesn’t stop with Ms. Novela’s high school dance classes, who will perform their rendition of Disney’s classic, High School Musical. Ms. Novela, who arranged last year’s Art Collective dance pieces has been hard at work with props, costumes, music, choreography, and more. She, along with all the other teachers helping make the Art Collective the biggest event of the school year, is working on the final details that are going to make her dances a spectacle to be remembered.

How has the process of working on the Art Collective been for you?

“It’s a completely different process than anything else I do. As far as my end, it’s more curating than having to create the art. It’s a lot of putting components together, like who’s going to perform what. The logistics of where one is going to perform, the backstage work of bringing things in and out, and making sure that it’s seamless when it goes onto the stage.”

Is there anything specific that you’re looking forward to seeing?

“I’m looking forward to everything! I have this huge High School Musical section that was promised to the seniors years ago, and I’m happy that this is finally happening for them. I’m looking at students’ authentic work. I’m looking forward to that too because I appreciate the authenticity of it.”

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