Behind the Scenes at the 2023 Art Collective Send-Off


by Athena Freire, Staff Writer

The long-awaited DDCUS Art Collective is finally on its way. Organized by Ms. Rivera, Ms. Manavello, and the Arts Department, the event will take place on March 10th.

1. How has the process of organizing the Art Collective been? 

“Ms. Rivera and I started organizing it the day after Art Collective last year. We took a bit of a hiatus and now it feels like a mad dash to the finish line. Somehow it always comes together when Ms. Rivera and I work together; we always just make it happen. It’s been stressful, but it’s been productive. It’s going to be great.”

2. What has been your favorite part about the Art Collective? 

“I think it’s just everyone working together for a collective goal. Seeing all the students rehearse, teachers get on board, and admin support –  it is really cool to see everyone have our backs and want it to be as successful as Ms. Rivera and I want it to be.”

3. Are there any major changes being done to the event that can be shared? Any hints? 

“We have made major changes and no they cannot be shared. We want to make sure we surprise people. It’s the same concept, but it’s just elevated. It has been tweaked and perfected. No hints, no!”

Make sure to go watch this show, as it’s worth the wait! Use this link to buy your ticket or to make a donation: