Get Ready to Pie-a-Teacher!


Pie-A-Teacher fundraiser

Bianca Anicama, Staff Writer

Room 331, home to Ms. Manavello’s English and Creative Writing classes, has been flooded by waves of students. They are in search of one thing: a ticket to the Pie-a-Teacher event.

The event is a fundraiser organized to support Art Haus, an upcoming special event hosted by the Capital Letter, DDCUS’ Literary Art Magazine.

The Pie-A-Teacher event will be held February 4, at 2:45 pm, on the soccer field. The tickets are $2, and according to Ms. Manavello, there’s a three ticket limit per student. This fundraiser will be an enjoyable activity that benefits both sides of the coin: teachers and students.

Ms. Manavello will be one of the participating teachers, and says, “It’s a great way for teachers and students to have fun, while raising money for an exciting upcoming festivity.”

Students will be able to pie select teachers who have volunteered for the job. Gelanie Ruiz, 11th grade, says, “It seems so fun and I’m especially excited to see who will be participating.”

Various teachers are also offering extra credit for the purchase of these tickets, so get tickets while they last!