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Lucas Maicas

Lucas Maicas

Sofia Alamo and Emma Larios

Teachers help us learn and grow, not only as students, but as people too.

But they aren’t just teachers, they are people with full and rich lives outside the classroom. Shocker, right?

They have families, hobbies, and friends. Mr. Maicas teaches math, and he is one of the exchange teachers from Spain. Mr. Maicas graduated from University of Valencia, and now has a Masters in Education. Like most DDCUS teachers, he enjoys traveling and theme parks. He has traveled to many places such as Africa, Greece, Czech Republic and New Zealand. Recently, he went to Chicago for Spring Break. Mr. Maicas is an adrenaline junkie.

My favorite hobby is anything to do with adrenaline.

— Lucas Maicas

,” says Mr. Maicas.

He also has hidden talents – most students would be very surprised to know he is a singer. He also says, “I enjoy performing in musical theatre.”

He has participated in many plays, and he helps students who have a desire to perform. Every Zone class, Mr. Maicas sings and also helps students in the chorus room who wish to improve their singing. In addition to his musical talents, he plays the piano.

Helena Pranckevicius, 9th grade, says, “ He helps us sing the correct note and plays the piano for us to sing along with.”

Aside from his artistic talents, Mr. Maicas is exceptionally good with languages. He speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, and has studied French for about 3 years. He has also picked up basic communication in other languages, while traveling.

Mr. Maicas believes that culture is very important and experiencing those cultures is a gift.

Mr. Maicas demonstrates that teachers aren’t just teachers: we are more alike than different!