Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Rosenstein

Isabella Ospina, Staff Writer

Mr. Rosentstein has an interesting backstory. While he might seem like a regular World History teacher, he is the least “regular” person at DDCUS.

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Mr. Rosenstein received his Master’s Degree in International Security from the University of Arizona. After serving five years of active duty for the U.S. Army, at the end of 2018 he joined the Reserves. He trains every single month in case the country needs him to serve for any reason. He believes that while in the line of duty, he learned important life lessons.

The most important thing I learned from my service is to work, to fight as a team, to put others before self, and having the personal courage to do what is necessary.

— Mr. Rosenstein

When asked to name one thing everyone should know about the army, Mr. Rosenstein states, “It is more than just you as an individual. It is important people understand that it is no longer about the self, it is about the team.”

He emphasizes that joining the army for an individual reason is ok, but being in the army is about being a part of something bigger. He believes that being in the army helped him grow up. It taught him many lessons including leadership, courage, and teamwork.

Of the hardships of training, Mr. Rosenstein says, “I won’t say I loved every minute of it, but I loved that I did it. That is where I met my closest friends and my wife, and it is something I will be proud of until the end of my days.”