12 Angry Jurors

DDCUS’ Theater Program Debuts

Nicole Prent, Staff Writer

The opening night of DDCUS’ first official school play, directed by Mr. Alderiso, was March 3rd, 2022.

The start of the play goes right to the point and introduces each of the jurors as they walk into the full room. The 12 jurors are locked in this room until they reach a unanimous decision regarding an alleged murderer. In the first few minutes of the play, the tension between two of the jurors is unmistakable. They take their first vote and one person votes not guilty. This enrages the rest of the jurors and they go through an entire process, trying to convince each other of the opposite opinion.

This play is immersive in the sense that the audience experiences the agony of the jurors. It was very interesting to see only one setting for the entire play. It reinforced the idea that the jurors could not get out until they reached a unanimous decision. The actors’ emotions and performances is flawless, from the audience’s point of view. Miranda Mejia, 9th grade, was shocked by their professionalism: “I cannot believe how amazing the actors were. They were so into character and it really affected how the audience perceived them.”

All in all, this play was a hit, from beginning to end. We cannot wait to see next year’s play!