An Inside Look at SCSI

Mr. Posey clarifies SCSI skepticism


Mariana Alvarez

Mr. Posey director of audio and lights

by Mariana Alvarez, Staff Writer

DDCUS’ Student Center for Special Instruction (SCSI) is the new disciplinary center run by Mr.Posey. In SCSI, students are essentially not allowed to do anything but schoolwork.

There will be no talking, eating, resting and especially no phones while in SCSI. Bathroom and water privileges are also restricted. SCSI is currently held in the conference room on the fourth floor, but there is a limit to how many people can fit in the room. After 25 students are admitted into SCSI, the center is moved to the cafeteria. Infractions that can lead to SCSI include:

  • Unexcused tardies
  • Disruptive behavior in the class or cafeteria
  • Skipping class
  • Dress code violations
  • Physical altercations

After repeated visits to SCSI, students may lose important privileges such as being able to go to dances, Jean Day, and important field trips. Students may also lose their athletic privileges.

Even though I exist, I don’t want to see them here. The more the room is empty, the more its doing its job.

— Mr. Posey

It so happens that the student body and faculty have different opinions about SCSI. In student interviews, there is a common dislike for SCSI.

One student said,  “SCSI is a complete waste of time from classes. Students that might have woken up late or gotten to school late still made the effort to get to school. Punishing those who made an effort is not right.”

Another student stated,  “SCSI could be beneficial for disobedience to the faculty or students, but if it’s for being tardy to school, I don’t think it’s very necessary. Being tardy and getting a pass is better because I still get to learn and not miss class.”

Regardless of student feedback, faculty and administration have noticed a decrease in tardies and an improvement in student conduct.