Where have you been Rihanna?

Rihanna makes an iconic comeback after years of being on a performing hiatus, to perform her biggest hits and more at the 57th Super Bowl.

By Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Beep….beep.. beep… Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a heart rate monitor. Rihanna brought her fans back to life. 

At this year’s 57th Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles went head-to-head in front of approximately 67, 000 people. But, the television audience was over 113.1 million people, and they tuned in to watch the halftime event (The Sporting News). 

After over six years of being on a performance hiatus and only releasing a couple collaborations since her last album in 2016, Rihanna took to the stage to give viewers a show they would never forget.

The Barbadian R&B performer had taken a break from the spotlight, yet the world had been expecting some type of showcase from her for years. Finally, she delivered a performance that rejuvenated the hopes that she will release a new album and possibly go on tour. Opening up the show, the singer belted out her iconic hit B. Better Have My Money, which was quite unexpected. On top of that, she announced that she is pregnant with her second child. Then, she followed with other hits like Work, Rude Boy, All of the Lights, and ended her spectacular performance with Diamonds.


On top of her outstanding vocals, Rihanna pulled of a creative show. The set was top-tier, literally, as the singer stood on risers that were hung from different heights across the stadium. When she wasn’t dancing with her crew on the floor stage, she was moving up and down above the stage. Accompanying her on stage and throughout the air were over a hundred dancers in white, luminous puffer jackets and pants. They were perfectly in sync with her during the show. 


Overall, Rihanna had a comeback that will be forever remembered. She gave it her all under her physical circumstances, satisfied her fans with her classic hits and live vocals, and surprised the world with the news of her second child.