Rauw Alejandro’s second world tour: SATOURNO


by Camila Perez, Staff writer

Rauw Alejandro’s album, Saturno,  has been a big hit, with songs such as “De Carolina” which he dedicates to his hometown in Puerto Rico, and “Dime quién????” where he talks about a girl who does not show him enough attention. 

Rauw’s approach in this album was to give the fans a spaceship-dance club feel, along with having some songs be 80s and 90s inspired, while others feel very futuristic and techno.

He kicked off his tour in Tampa and energized the crowd when he invited various artists on stage, like De La Ghetto, Anuel AA, and Baby Rasta.

The Rolling Stones

During his most recent show in Puerto Rico, Rauw surprised his fans with one of his most famous dances, to his song “2/catorce,” and performed alongside Rosalia, their newest songs “Beso” and “Vampiros.”

This album is at No. 2 on Top Latin Albums Chart.