Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour


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Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour in Tampa, FL

by Camila Perez, Staff writer

After 6 long years of keeping her fans waiting on an official tour, Taylor Swift takes off with The Eras Tour. With three sold out shows in Tampa, FL, and over 206,500 people.

The Eras Tour is not centered on one of her albums in specific, but her entire discography. The set list includes around five songs for each one of Taylor’s albums.

Taylor incorporates multiple outfit changes in the switch between eras to give her fans a sense of nostalgia, and honor every one of her albums. Along with performing two additional surprise songs for every show, either on the piano, or acoustic guitar.

Taylor takes along artists like Beabadoobee, Gracie Abrams, etc. To perform as her opening acts for this tour. Along with bringing out surprise guest Aaron Dessner on nights two and three of her Tampa dates.

taylorswift on Instagram

There has been changes made to the set list throughout the tour, including “Invisible String” being taken off the set list and replaced for “The 1”, which fans speculated the reasoning behind this being Taylor’s and Joe Alwyn’s breakup. 

After more than six years of being together, the two decided to go their separate ways, reason being the romance had simply “run its course”. However, neither Taylor nor Joe have publicly commented on the breakup. 

With fans now acknowledging the couple’s breakup, many have come to conclusion that Taylor’s most recent album Midnights is her Joe Alwyn breakup album. When Taylor first announced this album in August, she described it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” And when it was released in October, many fans associated most songs with Taylor’s past heartbreaks on the assumption that her and Joe were still together.

However, the new context of the couple’s split has gave many songs on Midnights a whole new light. This theory was further proven when during the Eras Tour show in Tampa, FL on Saturday, Taylor told the crowd that she feels “really connected” to Midnights because it is “the most accurate picture” of her life to this day.