Dawn FM by The Weeknd

New musical release faces mixed reviews


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Weeknd announced new album release

Daniella Martinez, Staff Writer

Whether it’s Starboy or Blinding Lights, The Weeknd never fails to disappoint with his music releases. However, with the release of his latest album, Dawn FM, fans have conflicting reactions to its debut.

The album’s 16 tracks feature various artists, including Jim Carrey, Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne. It is heavily R&B influenced, which is different from his usual pop-infused style. Many fans, such as 9th grade student, Bhavya Kumar, loved the album, especially it’s R&B and electro-sound approach. She says, “I love the new take he had on this album. He went for a more R&B style and since I enjoy R&B more, I loved it. I like that he’s experimenting with styles, and I really enjoyed the album.”

Various Weeknd fans who love R&B also loved this album and thought he made an absolute banger. However, many other fans, such as 6th grade student, Brooke Coronel, disliked the album and its new approach. She says, “The album was kind of repetitive–everything sounded the same. These songs sound like they would be played on some random radio station. They remind me of a disco ball.”

Many other fans agree with Coronel, also complaining the songs sound the same, and they just can’t see themselves listening to Dawn FM. Although listeners have a lot to say, it’s safe to say listeners can expect a lot more of new content from The Weeknd in the future.