Daniella Martinez, Staff Writer

MARINA, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, has finally begun her long-anticipated tour, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, and fans couldn’t be happier.

MARINA kicked off her tour in San Francisco, California. One fan, under, says, “Marina was absolutely amazing. Her sets were impressive, dancers inspiring, and vocals stunning. Even her opening act was great and received a standing ovation at the end of her set.” Another says, “This Primadonna Girl really came through at the Met in Philadelphia last nite.”

During this tour, she will go to 12 different countries, including, USA, Canada, and Argentina, and she will perform in 30 locations.

I wanted to write about how challenging it is to resist conforming, in whatever way that applies to you. We all have those pressures. But I think, looking back on my career, it has been a challenge for me. And I feel positive about the fact that I’ve been able to mold my own path when that path didn’t really exist for me when I first got signed.