Harry Hits New York

Love on Tour: New York Night Two


Photo by Vanessa Caraballo

By Athena Freire & Vanessa Caraballo, Staff Writers


Photo by Vanessa Caraballo

Taking the world by storm, Harry Styles is considered by many the top male pop artist in the world right now. After ending his Love on Tour European leg, he returned to the Americas. Starting with 2 nights in Toronto and 15 nights in Madison Square Garden, he managed to, yet again, sell out another tour.

For the next 15 days, New York City will be filled with love, pops of color, and feather boas. Known for his performances in New York and Los Angeles, people travel from all over the world to make it to the highly-praised show. Fans and critics are spreading the news about how New York Night Two has been the best one yet. 

From the crowd’s unmatched energy to Styles singing Medicine, an unreleased song, the concert was a memorable experience. A Tik Tok user, @deninnipaninni, posted “Nothing and I mean nothing will ever top last night MSG2 was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to…the vibes were unmatched, the crowd was insane, medicine.”    

Styles’ interactions and small gestures to the fans during songs like “Little Freak” and “Matilda” filled the arena with excitement and lots of tears. In the show, he did a shoutout called the “Golf Dad Cam.” He counted 34 “golf dads” and put them on the large screens of The Garden. Afterward, he thanked every one of them for coming to the show and supporting his career. It’s these little things that he does that make fans love him. At the beginning of  “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”, Styles forgot the words to the song, making himself and his fans giggle. 


Photo by Vanessa Caraballo

To bring a sense of nostalgia to his older fans, Styles sang “What Makes You Beautiful” from his early boy band days with One Direction, breaking the crowd into a dance. The room was filled with smiles and glitter. Songs like “Treat People With Kindness” make his concerts feel like home, as the fans do conga lines and all types of dances around the pit. 

To top the night off, Styles ended the concert by singing a single from his debut self-titled album, “Harry Styles”, Kiwi, making The Gardens floor shake. The pop world can’t wait to see what else Harry Styles manages to do next.