Pinocchio’s Live-Action Remake Carries Disney Legacy

Disney+ Plus is set to release a newer version of a Disney classic, The Adventures of Pinocchio.


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Disney’s classic Pinocchio makes it debut as a live-action film on Disney Plus.

Walt Disney Studios

By Lucy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

When you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true, and for many old-time Disney lovers, this is definitely the case.

Coming to life as an “almost real boy” and onto screens throughout the world is Pinocchio, a story of a man who creates a wooden puppet that dreams to live as a real boy. Set to stream on September 8th exclusively on Disney+ Plus, the live-action remake of Pinocchio makes its debut after years of planning.

Rumor has it that the legend behind it all, Walt Disney, had planned for remakes like this to happen every ten years. Word of Disney adding a provision to his will making certain that the Disney company would remake each of his original films so that future generations could enjoy them, spread, and became a widely-accepted fallacy. 

The Walt Disney Company has developed its influence and reach amongst children across the entire world. Since 1937, the company has created entertainment for families to enjoy and relate to, especially with their movies. With its captivating and heart-warming productions of animations and lovable characters, Disney movies have become a global sensation, and Disney Studios has used their appeal to explode with newer concepts and characters. Even though the production of newer movies is something to appreciate, it fades viewers’ memories of the older movies that started it all. Movies like the original 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast and 1941’s Dumbo, who are now at the bottom of many Disney+ Plus watchlists.

This is why creating movies like Pinocchio the live-action remake are so important. The idea of bringing back the classic Disney movies in a way that’ll appeal to the present and future generations is genius. By releasing movies like Pinocchio and some past live-action releases like Cinderella, The Lion King, and Lady and The Tramp, Disney’s alleged vision comes to life, just like Pinocchio once did. These newly adapted films connect older generations that have been Disney fans since the classics to younger generations, who might’ve not known anything about a princess with a fairy godmother or an elephant that could fly until the remakes.