Induction Honors


NHS induction ceremony to be held Feb. 22

Bianca Anicama, Staff Writer

All National Honor Society Members, reserve your calendars for February 22nd! Your induction ceremony is up and coming.

NHS club members will participate in a beautiful candle lighting ceremony, along with the honor of becoming official NHS members. The importance of this ceremony cannot be overlooked. Not only will students become members of a prestigious national organization, but they will also reap its academic rewards.

Ms. Rodriguez, the club sponsor, says, “To become part of this society is something that takes a lot of hard work and dedication that not a lot of people can achieve.” The NHS opens new academic and scholarship opportunities for inductees. The club’s president, Isabella Baricelli, says, “

As president of the NHS, I’m beyond excited and happy for the induction ceremony. It is a night that parents and students enjoy and remember forever.

— Isabella Baricelli, NHS President

The ceremony will acknowledge DDCUS students’ hard work and dedication, and enable them to have new opportunities for their academic future.